How Braveheart Data works:

Compliance in a Package


Braveheart Data's Compliance Center package includes everything you'll need to stay compliant with data privacy regulations such as GDPR & CCPA. Whether you're a small, medium, or enterprise-level company, we provide you with the tools, infrastructure, and processes to help you respond to a consumer's request for their information, to opt-out of the processing of their information, and to be forgotten.


Built using Salesforce's robust tool-set and best practices, Braveheart Data gives your agents power at their fingertips through a beautiful user experience and features to make intelligent recommendations. Where a normal process to resolve a consumer's data access request would include an agent manually picking and choosing the consumer's data, identifying which data is considered PII or not, updating opt-out flags one-by-one, and exporting data locally to respond to the consumer, we provide each of these complex and involved steps into a single button click.


As data privacy legislation evolves, and jurisdictions grow, we grow and change with them. Gain confidence that you're providing individual rights to privacy and security to your consumers.




We automatically tie a consumer's request to their information across your database. Quickly pick and choose which data to provide them, without the need to perform complex queries or exports. We then package their information into a single branded .pdf to provide the consumer with a experience they'll understand.

Regardless of your data structure or marketing automation integrations, we update your opt-out fields so that you can be sure your teams across the organization know in real time which consumer information they can and cannot use in their marketing campaigns, sales initiatives, and analytic practices.

We automatically anonymize your consumer's personally identifiable information to ensure the record is unable to be tied back to the requester. We keep the non-identifiable information intact so that your analytics stay intact, and you're still able to predict consumer behavior based on existing information.