The right tools for success.

Braveheart Data has all the features you'll need to stay compliant with data privacy regulations, all while staying 100% native to Salesforce.

GDPR & CCPA Data Access Requests


Whether you're solving for CCPA, GDPR, or both, responding to your consumer's requests efficiently is the crux to being successful in the ever-changing world of data privacy regulations.

Find a Consumer
Use Braveheart Data's matching logic to find all of your consumer's information across your database.
Identity Verification
Track each step along the verification process and ensure your consumer is who they say they are.
Request for Information
Receive data access requests from your consumer's regardless of channel.
Package Your Consumer's Information
Generate a formatted .pdf with the consumer's aggregated data.
Audit History
Track data access requests, as well as the steps to resolution.
Service Provider Notification
Automatically send notification of data access request to your service providers.
Anonymize Consumer Data
Quickly forget a consumer's personally identifiable information while keeping aggregate data intact.
Compliance Categorization
Automatically fetch the appropriate information depending on regulation, such as GDPR vs. CCPA.
Request Prioritization
Avoid fines by automatically notifying users when a request is close to expiration.
Update 3rd Party Systems
Push consumer opt-outs, anonymizations, and info requests to your existing 3rd party solutions.

Case Management

Manage how your business receives requests from consumers, your steps to resolution, and how you respond to your consumers to keep them updated on progress.

Email to Case
Receive consumer requests directly from email while automatically creating a case.
Web to case
Gather consumer requests from a structured webform on your website while automatically creating a case.
Auto-response Rules
Set up rules and formatted emails to send to your consumer when we receive their request.
Custom Email Templates
Format your email communications to match your brand's style guides and corporate initiatives.
Escalation Rules
Flag priority cases when they need to be escalated to supervisors or leadership.
Service Paths
Create case stages and steps to match your unique business processes.

Get the most out of Braveheart Data by taking advantage of our powerful rules engine, and ability to customize the package to meet your specific needs.


Consumer Matching Rules
Find your consumers based on the data you consider unique and identifiable.
Service Providers
List out your active service providers to route notifications of data access requests from your consumers.
Personally Identifiable Information
Manage your PII data at the field level to determine which data to anonymize and which data to keep.
Consumer Identity Anonymization Behavior
Your database rules are unique, which means your anonymization behavior needs to be flexible as well.
PDF Format
Format your PDF response documents to match your brand's style guides and corporate initiatives.
Data and Categories
Configure which data and categories to include in the consumer's data access response document.
Field Capturing
Leverage standard and custom fields for inbound data access requests.
Custom Stages
Create service paths to standardize your path to case resolution.
Workflow and Approval Automation
Automate your processes and approval processes to be sure your users are following compliance best practices.
Business Processes
Layer Braveheart Data onto your existing processes.

Additional Features

Take advantage of these features to get the most out of Braveheart Data.

Lightning Ready
Use the best that Salesforce has to offer with their Lightning Experience.
Mobile Ready
Manage your data access requests from the office, or from your dentist's waiting room.
100% Salesforce Native
Complete your data privacy responsibilities without leaving Salesforce.
White-glove support
We give you one-on-one, tailored, support. All for free.
Access to Product Roadmap
Have confidence that what we're building is what you need with transparency into our product roadmap and release schedule.
Reports and Dashboards
Track performance using standard Salesforce reports and dashboards.
Get the most out of Braveheart Data by integrating with addons you're already using, or new addons that peak your interest.
Industry Best Practice Advice & Guidance
Get the most out of your partnership with Braveheart Data by leaning on us for Salesforce and data privacy best practices.