About the Braveheart Data team.

Braveheart Data was started by a team of data privacy evangelists coming straight out of the consulting world. They experienced first hand how difficult it was for companies to stay compliant with the new rules and regulations being created, and decided to take it upon themselves to create a Salesforce focused tool to help.

When deciding on how we wanted to create the solution, we focused on what would be the easiest for our customer's to integrate into their technology ecosystem, which led us to creating the tool 100% native to Salesforce. Not only does Salesforce allow our customers to install and demo the tool directly in their pre-existing Salesforce environments, but it also allows us to iterate and enhance the package quickly based on feedback.

Located just outside of Los Angeles, Braveheart Data takes a customer first approach. That means that product decisions and enhancements are made directly from custom feedback and needs. Focused on user experience, short implementation timelines, and configuration based solution, we're also just as focused on creating relationships with our customers that creates a win-win for both sides.

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